Awakening refers to the dynamic process of self-illumination through expanded awareness.
While the catalysts vary, the journey begins when you start thinking critically and objectively about yourself, your feelings, relation to others, and the world at large.
You examine your own behavioral patterns and see it reflected in nature as you learn discernment through energetic resonance.
Looking for deeper meaning immediately puts one in the position of the seeker.
As situations are presented to test your mental, emotional, and spiritual resolve for conditioning, then focus and discipline is needed.
Many people seek answers outside of themselves because it feels like the natural thing to do.
We think a person, place, thing, or experience will give us the missing pieces we need to end our seeking.
As someone who has been on both sides of this path, this approach is less effective.
The real answers are found within.
The path of Enlightenment is in every moment.
Everyone evolves at their own pace, based on their own level of understanding, consciousness, and free will.
We gather puzzle pieces from various life experiences, until we can form a complete image for ourselves.
This image represents our soul map.
What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi
Here’s a hint.
It begins and ends with unconditional love.
The experience of “coming full circle” is how we achieve unity within ourselves and with the greater Universe.
As spiritual beings having a human experience, it’s a game we play to remember our way home.
We do it through our relationships with people, things, places, and habits.
Through the acquisition and loss of things that we love, we experience the contraction and expansion of energy that is life force itself.
Enlightenment is not some good-vibes-only destination where one can say “I’ve arrived”.
Nor can it be maintained without balance, as energy is always in flux.
Rather, Enlightenment is a way of being where understanding the perspective of the soul allows the seeker to remember the construct of life itself.
These shifts open up latent levels of consciousness, which reveals additional truth.
Enlightenment is therefore, the unraveling of soul remembrance across the spectrum of human experience.
As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the soul.
- Hermes Trismegistus
Imagine billions of years of evolution that preceded this very moment, where you are reading this.
What a gift, to live in a digital age that makes sharing in this capacity possible.
There is much beauty in the world, and more is revealed when you elevate your perception.
Life interacts through us, because we are life.
We can tap into invisible fields of knowledge because our bodies are energetic instruments.
The more in-tune we are, the more we resonate with higher vibrational states of love, compassion, and serenity.
Embrace your inner alchemist to access timeless wisdom and inspiration that is within reach.
Grounding Heaven on Earth.
You are a radiant being of light.