We often feel incompetent in times of stress.  
When we slip down the rabbit hole of fear, it becomes difficult to stay positive and move forward.
Even trying requires effort, which can be tiring.
Still, there are compelling reasons to persevere.
If we hated it so much, we would have given up.
Why then, do we suffer?
It is because on a soul level, we need these challenges to grow. 
We chose them.
Most people do not enjoy waiting for things they desire. 
Waiting denotes a period of inactivity- one that is not energetically charged nor within our control. 
Yet, here’s another perspective. 
The process of waiting is preparation for our goals. 
It is a passage to master in itself, for patience is developed.
Rest assured that you will reach your chosen destination, even if there’s turbulence.  
Don't fret over trivial details or minor setbacks that occur.
Have faith that you can handle whatever comes you way.