Gift of Perspective

We like to believe that we have control over our lives.

And we do, but mainly over short-term material concerns.

Where to go, what to buy, those sorts of things.

We'll continue believing it until something goes awry.

Best laid plans can and do fall apart for seemingly unknown reasons.

Why is this?

The cycle of life, consisting of energetic expansion and contraction, happens through us.

Birth follows death.

We see this in nature as the seasons change.

Since we share the same life force, we are constantly self-renewing as well.
Most of us don’t want challenge, at least not consciously.

Humans gravitate towards comfort.

The modern world has made this relatively easy.

Challenge is however, to facilitate growth.

Take exercise for example.

If you’re not feeling sore from your workouts, you’re not building muscle.

Whether or not you want to push yourself, is up to you.

Your soul works the same way.

It wants to stretch and grow, because it feels good.

You are the facilitator however.

Spiritual refinement takes time and effort.

The lessons you are undergoing contributes to the evolution of life, and the collective consciousness.

We are all here to learn from each other, grow, and evolve.

Your personal lessons are revealed through expanded awareness.

How do we achieve this?

Start by becoming a curious observer of life.

Having always been fascinated by “hidden things”, I find the undercurrents of life both intriguing and wondrous.

The perceivable world is only the tip of the iceberg.

This undercurrent cannot be seen, only felt.

Your truth lies there, in its resonance for you.

Discernment is what you’ll learn to understand and master.

As these lessons are integrated, one naturally gains new perspectives to unlock higher level of consciousness.

Trusting our intuition has become difficult in the modern age because of all the distractions present.

We avoid boredom.
We don’t want to suffer.

We have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for answers.

This is all normal.

It’s part of our own healing cycle.

A dynamic process where we go from inside, out, and back in again to find unity within our internal and external worlds.
Remember, no one has all the answers.

There is no single destination.
The path winds and turns.

Teachers, mentors, and healers come and go.
Each brings you a little closer to your unique truth.

Your journey belongs to you and evolves with you.

Imagine your perceived reality as the “program” that you’re running at the time.

Your script consists of ideas, habits, and beliefs that you’ve taken on through your parents, environment, social circle, and society.

Over time, you become slow and inefficient from things that do not reflect your true nature.

You need a change.
Time for new programming.

This occurs through black swan events and Tower incidents, as depicted in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
Think of it as restructuring, because we are guided to look inward during this time.

The upheaval associated with the Tower are what most people identify with during the ascension process.

These moments, however challenging, are meant to teach us.

This is how we free ourselves from the confines of our egocentric minds.

Ultimately, we don’t have control over the timing of our soul lessons.

We can only surrender to them, and integrate the lessons as best we can.

Before my Awakening, there was much analysis about the past and worry about the future.

With perspective, I see that it was not beneficial use of energy.

Now, there is trust.

Every time I question life, I learn to trust a little more.

All the shit you go through is like fertilizer for your soul.

Shifting your perspective allows you to focus on the flowers instead of the mud.

It’s worth it, because life is beautiful.