Key to Happiness

How does one achieve lasting happiness that is not tied to external circumstances or material things?
How do we obtain inner peace that is self-sustaining?
It is hard to feel inspired when faced with poverty of spirit.
Two essential components of personal well-being are joy and contentment.  
While it's important to feel good about what we do, it’s essential to be content with our lives.  
Together, joy and contentment yield a continual sense of happiness.  
Happiness does not simply mean having a sunny disposition all the time.  
We are not impervious to bouts of sadness, anger and fear.
Such is the range of human emotions, and obstacles help us grow.
Instead, happiness is intrinsically tied to gratitude.
It is steadfast knowing of being on course and divinely guided.
It is from is reaching your full potential and aligning with your higher purpose.  
Herein lies the key to sustainable happiness. 
Engage in meaningful activities that nourish your mind and spirit.  
Stay present.
Intention dictates actions, which establishes outcome.  
Little joys accumulate toward greater fulfillment.