Lightworkers are humans dedicated to raising the collective consciousness by transmuting lower vibrational energies.
Spiritually conscious and service oriented, Lightworkers incarnated with the mission of using their unique gifts and talents to heal, teach, counsel, and enlighten others.
Many Lightworkers are natural healers and have many ways of transmitting their energies.
They may be mystics, shamans, psychics, and mediums.  Others enter professions involving teaching, counseling, energy work, and various forms of therapy.
Lightworkers often experience personal struggle or challenges early in life, so that they can develop the necessary empathetic qualities to understand others in pain.
In healing themselves, they learn to heal others.
Common Lightworker characteristics:
  • Empathetic and intuitive.
  • Sensitive to the energy of people and places.
  • Enjoys solitude for meditation and contemplation.
  • Requires regular down time to relax and recharge.
  • Likes helping others discover their potential.
  • Understands and practices energy transmutation.
  • Feels deeply attuned with nature and enjoys spending time outdoors.
  • Easily senses other people’s emotions, especially those in need of comfort.
  • Drawn to psychology because you understand invisible patterns in people.
  • Interested in spiritual development, and applies esoteric or metaphysical knowledge.
  • Leads through Divine wisdom, compassion, and love.
  • Relates well to people who suffer from mental illnesses or disorders.
  • Possesses good rapport with children, animals, and elderly people.
  • Independent thinkers who do not conform easily to group think
A Lightworker discovers their path of service as they refine their intuitive abilities through spiritual practices.
As such, they tend to cross paths with others who are on the same journey.
These sacred connections bring long-lasting and positive effects towards growth, healing, and personal expansion.