The Present

Express gratitude for your journey. 
By doing so, you raise the vibration of the collective.
Demonstrate forgiveness and sensitivity towards those who are still asleep. 
Everyone evolves at their own pace, based on their present level of awareness.
As we direct attention away from dualistic perspectives, palpable shifts occur within our consciousness so that we can see our truths more clearly.
Know that there are no real endings- just a continuous series of new beginnings. 
It is never too late to begin again when operating from a place of natural abundance. 
Placate the ego by expressing compassion, patience, and gratitude to people and situations.
See “delays” as an opportunity to harness your power to create.
Frustration and intolerance serve no one.
Lay the groundwork, then trust in divine timing.
The present is a gift.
Where you are is where you’re meant to be.