Serenity Oracle Guide

The Serenity Oracle invites you to connect with our Higher Self and awaken your creative spirit.


Before any reading, give yourself a moment to quiet your mind.
Deepen your breath.  
Relax your senses.  
Invite Spirit, or another higher power of your choosing into your work.
We tap into our intuition by leaning into the unknown.


You may wish to enhance your space with candles, crystals, incense, or other accessories during a reading.
While accessories are not necessary for Spirit communication, they are symbolic to the reader.
Include them whenever you feel inspired for significance.


Shuffle the cards and cut the deck according to your preference.
Focus on your inquiry by stating it out loud, or in your mind while shuffling.
"what is my theme for the day?"
“what is the lesson behind….”
“what is my message from Spirit?”
If any cards fall out or flip over while shuffling, incorporate them into your reading as extra emphasis from your guides.  
These cards will typically answer your question directly, or offer additional messages of reinforcement.
Select a card when you are ready.


Reflect on the chosen theme, along with its symbolism.
What does it mean to you? 
Which chakra is it associated with?
Serenity Oracle Chakra Guide
Be aware any feelings and physical sensations that arise.
How can you integrate this lesson?
Are you able to model it for others?
Pay attention to repeating categories or themes, as these are being highlighted for you.
The Serenity Oracle may be used in tandem with other oracle cards and Tarot cards to clarify, or reinforce a particular message.

Draw one card to represent the overarching theme for a particular reading.

Or, look at the bottom of the deck after shuffling for additional confirmation.    


Mindfulness is being aware of your mental and emotional facilities as a conscious being.
Take time to contemplate the lessons of your experiences.
Journaling is a wonderful way to regularly check in with yourself and hone your intuition.
This process allows us to integrate lessons by re-orienting our thoughts towards a loftier perspective.
Shifting us into higher states of consciousness over time. 

Additional guidance is reinforced through meditation, channeling, your dreams, and synchronicities.

Our mission is to integrate the lessons that arise, until they become polished pearls of wisdom.
Self-care tip: Use the Serenity Oracle daily for mindfulness, meditation, and divination.


Guidance through meditation, divination, and synchronicity is like a getting a tune-up from the Universe. 
We see them as signs that are symbolic to us.
Begin noticing what you notice and why…
What feels like coincidence is really communication.
As spiritual experience is subjective, you’ll learn discernment through your own resonance with practice.
Remain open and receptive to synchronicities.

As with any skill, mastery is gained through committed practice.
As the saying goes:

You can give a man a fish, or you can teach him to fish.

The latter ensures sustenance for life, rather than just one meal.


May you find comfort, clarity, and strength in selecting a card, and reflecting on its meaning.
In the spirit of play, there is no wrong way to use these cards.
Your intent to explore is enough.
You will develop your own resonance with the cards over time. 
This journey of deepening understanding evolves with you.
Such is the beauty of perspective.