Awakening is a dynamic process of self-illumination.
On our path towards Enlightenment, it is our teacher.
Enlightenment is reached by unifying our dual selves.
Our masculine self (yang) and our feminine self (yin), with our Higher Self (God, Source, Universe) through the ascension process.
The discovery of unity through polarity is the key to higher consciousness.


Only when you lean into the unknown, do you really begin to trust life. 
Having always been fascinated by nature, cycles, and hidden things, I find inner processes intriguing and wondrous. 
Our perceivable world is like the tip of the iceberg. 
There is an undercurrent to life that cannot be seen, only felt.
We’re able to tap into this invisible force, because our bodies are energetic instruments.
The more in-tune we are, the more sensitive we become to this intuitive source of knowledge.

Magic Eye

Do you see the image embedded in this Magic Eye?

If you look plainly at the image, it looks like colorful static.
But if you relax your eyes just right, a hidden image “pops” out and becomes visible.
Our minds can do the same thing.
Consider your visible world as just the tip of the iceberg, compared to what your mind’s eye- the “third eye” can perceive intuitively.
Because when you relax your mind just right, you can tap into another layer of consciousness.

Tapping in

Ever catch yourself staring into space while daydreaming?
Or zoning out, when you needed a break?
Your eyes soften.
Your mind goes blank.
You’re simply being.
That soft space “in between” houses your intuition.
In order to tap in, one must practice non-doing.
Hence the wisdom of the way in Taoism.
Be open and receptive to communication.
So, the next time you catch yourself daydreaming, dream on.
Really ease into it, to unlock your own field of visions.

The gift of perspective

Like the Magic Eye, those who are asleep only see static.  
Once awakened, the hidden truth is revealed.
This is liberation for your soul!

Seeing beyond the veil

Deeper insight is revealed as you elevate your field of consciousness.
Creativity flourishes through Divine expression as you discover your authentic voice.
Nature, along with mankind takes on greater beauty.
Life adopts a richer tone as you trust its intelligent design.
Synchronicities appear as communication in the form of signs, symbols, and events.
Carl Jung described synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”
These interwoven occurrences are messages from etheric realms, our unconscious mind and Higher Self.
Meaning can be interpreted literally, depending on the context, or energetically through resonance.
I'm fascinated by numerology, and regularly study synchronicities.
For example, number 44 holds special significance for me.
When I see the number 44 repeated, the Universe is affirming that I am harmonious, balanced, and embodying the light.
It is interesting to note that orchestras tune to A440 to ensure musical harmony.
Love and harmony share the same frequency, or energetic signature.
As an integrated spiritual being, simply being yourself is an expression of love. 

Natural abundance is your birthright, and it is limitless.
Open your mind.
Open your heart.
If this resonates with you, then you are already on the path.
Enjoy the journey.