Serenity Oracle

The Serenity Oracle is a simple, powerful tool for mindfulness, meditation, and divination.
Featuring 40 universal themes to expand your awareness and elevate consciousness. 

How does it work?

Behind each of our life experiences is a theme, or lesson.
The Serenity Oracle reveals the lessons behind our experiences.
Integration of lessons is necessary for your own soul growth and evolution of the collective consciousness.  
For those Awakening, consider it your inner compass.
Reorienting you to True North, which is UP in consciousness.
This paves the way for higher states of love, creativity, peace, and joy.

Intrigued, tell me more

The Serenity Oracle allows us to view life from a loftier perspective, as a curious observer.
The seemingly random act of drawing a card is in fact, not random. 
Behind all life is intelligent design.
The same creative force that has kept us evolving for billions of years from space, to sea, to land.  
Life is constantly interacting with us, through us.

Rise above the fray

As spiritual beings, we are here to experience the full spectrum of human emotions as a collective.
Knowing what’s driving your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions helps you see the bigger picture.
Rather than viewing life as something to be controlled or fixed, simply show up for the experience.
We are all here to learn, grow, and evolve.  
Our lessons (which we chose before birth) are revealed through our own shifts in perspective.

Who is the Serenity Oracle for?

Modern seekers of purpose and passion.
Anyone can use this deck.


Unravel life's mysteries

Every deck is infused with LOVE!
Discover powerful self-transformation through ritual and intention.
Oracle cards are my favorite tool for spiritual development and enhancing psychic awareness.
May the Serenity Oracle bring as much insight, joy, and inspiration for you as it has for me in creation with Spirit.
Serenity Oracle Guide