My intuitive gifts were inherited from my mother’s ancestry.
Since childhood, I was fascinated by nature, astrology, metaphysics, and esoteric arts such as divination.
Eastern spiritual philosophy further reinforced my early experiences in mysticism.
I began practicing Tarot cards in my teens for self-guidance, and oracle cards years later during my own ascension process.
I've learned that spirituality cannot be taught in the traditional sense.
It is a personal process that unfolds with the seeker's own readiness to learn.
For those Awakening, consider it a gentle rouse from your slumber.
My greatest joy is helping people discover their potential as multi-dimensional beings.

I'm here to spark your intrigue, and help you see the bigger picture.
As an Empath, I'm attuned to reading energies, as information is conveyed intuitively.
Our thoughts and behaviors are embedded with emotions. 
These emotions are regulated through our energy body, or chakras.
Knowing that energy is mutable, we become alchemists.
The Spirit world is enchanting.
It is incredibly dynamic and interactive.

Synchronicities are a daily source of wonder.

Witnessing this process allows me to appreciate the essence of being human.  

My response is gratitude, for all there is.
SURELY SERENITY started as a way to heal during my own Awakening process, by transmuting grief through creativity into love.

Love is the beginning and the end.