The path of Enlightenment is illuminated for those who seek serenity of mind and spirit. 
Hi, I'm Shirley.
As an intuitive Empath and spiritual mentor, I assist in raising consciousness for individuals on the Awakening path.
I love numbers and study synchronicities, so am accustomed to symbolic communication.
I help modern seekers of passion and purpose align with their Higher Self, to unearth richer meaning behind life.
To love deeper and grow wiser.
All of life is sacred, even though it may not resonate at times.
At our highest octave, we are here to evolve, inspire, and connect.
I believe that we each carry a torch to light the way for others.
It's my honor to guide you on your journey with grace.
Empowerment to co-create with Source is the heart of divinity.
So, stay a while… explore, play.
May you discover truth and beauty along the way.